37 weeks 1 day

I am officially full term! Now the waiting begins. I couldn’t have really asked for a better end to my pregnancy. Since recovering from my chest infection that hit around 28 weeks, I have been almost normal! The only thing is that I waddle, I wake up more at night and I am more tired (since 36 weeks). Otherwise I can’t say it’s been particularly difficult. I have been really really blessed!

Over the last few weeks I have been thinking more and more about labour. I think the main thing that is consistently on my mind is – WHENNNN?????!!!!!

I am googling nearly every day – ‘what week did you give birth?’ simply because it’s such an unknown. I could give birth next week, tomorrow, or in 5 weeks time. It’s a really weird feeling and it’s quite hard to not get restless about when it will happen. It’s just another thing I’ve had to give over to God like most of this whole pregnancy thing – totally unpredictable and uncontrollable.

The hardest thing throughout this journey has been getting pregnant. I am not looking forward to going down that road again for number 2… but I trust the Lord that he can work another miracle.

In terms of my hospital bag – it’s generally all ready. Need some baby blankets but that is it really. I was overwhelmed by how much stuff we needed for the baby though. For us, a couple that like to be really minimalist and not have hardly any stuff, I am not going to lie, I hate all the baby crap! Seriously – sling, buggy (2 parts to that), cot, moses basket, bouncer, chest of drawers, nappies, outfits, coats, etc etc. I know it’s all essential but I hate it cluttering up my gorgeous flat!

The one thing I can control though is that I am not in anyway sorting out a nursery – the room will look like an adult room with baby stuff in it. No stickers, no naff stuff, no baby furniture – yuk! My husband is the same, he hates all that stuff lol.


33 Weeks 1 day (Forgot to Upload!)

Its actually been a great 2 weeks. I am pretty much 100% better. We moved into our brand new apartment 2 weeks ago and it’s so amazing. It has absolutely stunning views over the London skyline and is so modern and clean. I am completely in love with it and hate having to go to work to leave it when all I want to do is potter round and arrange my furniture and unpack boxes!

I had a scan yesterday that showed the baby’s head in down and engaged… and he is now 4.7lbs, predicted weight is 7.8lbs. I wonder if that will be true! Currently I am working from home 2 days a week and 3 days in the office. After this week I only have 4 weeks of work left to go…and 2 of those last weeks are from home permanently. WHOOP WHOOP I will be off at 38 weeks…then my plan is to just see friends for coffee, meet people for lunch, prepare lovely meals at home for my hub and potter round the house reading novels! I’m not going to waste this time away as I am enjoying it a lot at the moment. I am really loving how easy it is going for me right now…! I am not ill, I’m not even that tired, I can see people. I feel really blessed and I am thanking the Lord for it.

29 weeks 2 days

I am so sorry I have not updated in SO long.

I’ve been ill during the past month. It started off with a chest infection on my holiday in Paris, and then it got really bad when I got back and I was having to use my steroid inhalers almost 5 times a day. So I went to the hospital, and after a huge scare of a blood clot in my lungs they decided my chest infection had just got really out of hand but all I needed was steroids and antibiotics (so much for thinking I would not need any medication when pregnant)!! So far during the pregnancy I have taken:

Steriod Tablets
Anti sickness pills
Anti-acids (prescription only – the strong stuff!)

So I could beat myself up about this… but baby is fine and I am not going to worry.

Anyway, it took me almost 2 weeks that I had to have off work to recover from my chest infection, I was SO exhausted by it. On the first week I had to have periods of time where I would need to lie down and not move. It was horrible. My husband was SO sweet to me and so happy I was off whilst he had holiday. He has had 6 weeks off (2 weeks to go) and I have been off for almost most of it so he has been pleased!

We are moving house next week – to a 2 bed apartment! So excited. It’s gorgeous and really central. Which is amazing, I am looking forward to doing up the baby room 🙂

I can’t believe in just over 10 weeks I will be due. I am telling myself 12 weeks to go (not 10) because you are always likely to go 2 weeks overdue with your first. However, the thought that the baby could be here at 38 weeks (in 8 weeks time) is so exciting.

I don’t want to get all stressed about due dates but I am also scared about going overdue. I feel pretty huge now and I cannot imagine getting much bigger, even though I know I will. Baby is 3 pounds now and 15 inches long, and keeps getting under my ribs which aches.

I have to treasure this time. My life is going to change so much and the weeks will fly by, so I should make the most of it. After this week I have 7 weeks of work to go!


19 weeks 2 days and gender!

How far along: 19w2days

Total weight gain/loss:Not sure, about half a stone (UGH)

Symptoms: Nothing too bad. Achy legs if I wear the wrong kind of shoes. Blood pressure drops when I do any physical activity, even walking up the stairs! But according to doctor it’s nothing to worry about.

Maternity clothes: Maternity Jeans – my friend gave me 8 pairs that all fit me! She was recently pregnant and bought them all new. They are SO comfy. Definitely not going back to normal jeans…I haven’t really bought any tops as I feel like all my tops are baggy and can fit round my bump.

Sleep: Fine. Sleeping through the night as always! Just a lot of pressure and thudding if I lie on my back from baby.

Best moment: Spending time with the hubby before the baby comes

Movement: Feeling it every day, but still not consistently. Still haven’t felt it from the outside.

Food cravings: Nothing that stands out.

Sex of the baby: We found out last week…It’s a BOY!

Labor signs: None.

Belly button: Hmm…nothing?

What I miss: SUSHI! I love that stuff..

What I look forward to: The baby kicking from the outside and getting a seat on the train automatically.

Baby buys: Nothing but my mum is coming next week and I am sure she will want to buy stuff!

15 weeks 3 days

Sorry for not updating in so long! Since I last updated I have been skiing, been sick a lot and started a new role at work so I have not really had a moment to stop! 

I am still throwing up every morning but it’s not too bad – nothing to moan about. The 13 week scan was fantastic and went really well. It was so re-assuring to see the baby measuring on track. I have such a gut feeling it is a boy but we will find out at the 20 week scan. I do feel like I would LOVE it if it was a baby girl though. We will see!

I am enjoying pregnancy way more now I have seen my baby is ok, it helps my nerves. It is fun that all my friends know now. We haven’t done a Facebook announcement. I don’t see the point really. I know how annoyed I felt at other people when we had a hard time trying. 

For now I am not really showing much at all, just a weeny bump that gets bigger in the evening. My friends can see it but to a stranger I just look a little bit fat. I haven’t bought any maternity clothes just wearing skirts or harem pants to work. Yesterday I had a bad day with sickness and diarrhoea but I think it’s because I am not getting much sleep at the moment. 

My hubby has a new job! He got it yesterday and it’s a much better school. He was competing against 2 other candidates and even though he is a really successful teacher with an outstanding qualification he thought the school might go for the other candidates as they have to pay him so much more money if they chose him. But he got it, and after 24 hours of wondering if it was the right thing he accepted. I am so happy as I really hate his school and the stress it causes him. Anyway, I promise I will update more regularly!

9 weeks 1 day

I had my first midwife appointment yesterday. At my appointment they went through everything and were very thorough. It’s University College Hospital London – famous across the world – they have to be good! I told her about my feelings of feeling anxious and like nothing is going to work out for me. She was so kind and piped up “Well…why don’t we send you for an early scan then? You could pop down today?” I was like “REALLY? Oh my gosh thank you!” 

It was a long and nervous wait at the Early Pregnancy Unit. I felt like a bit of an idiot being there as everyone else had a valid reason to be there, like bleeding or cramping or something. 1.5 hours dragged by and finally the consultant called me in. He asked me a few questions and then I was propped up ready to be scanned! As soon as they started scanning me he was like ‘it’s all ok’ and all I could think was – few! The baby was measuring exactly 9 weeks (my dates were all right) and the heartbeat was 176bpm. The baby was moving the whole time on the scan. It was so fun to see it and I felt really relieved. 

I have got a picture of my scan but because I am at work I don’t want to risk uploading it now 🙂 but it’s just a blobby. 🙂 I get to see the blob in 3 and a bit weeks again. It still isn’t really sinking in. 

My symptoms are definitely calming down – especially the sickness. It’s getting a lot lot better. I feel generally ok! Yay. Going skiing next week I am PUMPED! 

7 weeks 1 day

It’s been an interesting week. There I was sitting chatting to my best friend on Saturday at 6 weeks 4 days, who I’ve told that I’m pregnant, saying how I have had a pretty easy ride so far. I told her I have nausea but as long as I eat it goes away. 

Then Monday morning arrives. I wake up at 4.30am gagging whilst waving my hubby off for a school trip which he had to get up ridiculously early for. I eat a packet of crisps and attempt to go back to sleep, thinking that should do the trick. I wake up at half 8 ready to start work at 9 (from home – I always work at home Mondays- what a sweet deal!) and I feel SOOO sick. Like SOOO sick. I just want to lie down and not move, any movement makes me gag. I run to the loo and puke up all my breakfast. I eat something else and run back and throw it all up again, including the water I have just drunk. 

I called my mum. I told her this is obviously the start of bad morning sickness, the type that you can’t go to work on. You just can’t. I was 6 weeks 5 days, and according to the ‘average’ woman who has morning sickness it stops at 12-13 weeks. I moaned to my mum down the phone that I am going to have to miss so much work, at the same time as I am asking for a pay rise – not a good situation! 

She asked if there was something the doctors could do. I said “…well there is stuff you can give you but I think you have to be sick for weeks to even get it, it’s not just something I can ask for after 1 day of bad sickness!”. Anyway, I phoned the doctor presuming she would say try natural remedies for a few weeks, see how it goes then call her again. Instead, she simply prescribed me anti-sickness medication straight away, 50 tablets. So that was easy! I went to pick it up and had Tuesday off work because I was nervous about whether it would work or not.

It took about a day to kick in, so I was glad of the day off, but it definitely works. I feel ok most of the time. I take 3 a day, but have to time it so carefully as each pill only lasts about 6 hours. The last hour I often feel it wearing off and feel quite sick, but then I know it’s time to take another one. So I am getting through the days at work ok. The only time it is really awful is if I wake up in the night, as I don’t have enough pills prescribed per day to be able to take one at night – so when I wake up it is my natural state and how I would feel without the pills, which is pretty awful! On a scale of 1-10, if 10 would be just about to puke and 1 just very mild nausea, then I am around an 8 when I wake up. I feel like a 3-4 on the pills. When the pill wears off I am on about a 6. 

Anyway, I’m not moaning here. I know it sounds as if I am – but I don’t actually care that I am sick, it’s a good sign for me. I know that lots of people would freak out about me taking anti-sickness pills, but I honestly don’t see why someone wouldn’t. I don’t see why you would wait weeks and weeks of vomiting and not get them if they are available to you. The pills are completely safe for the baby, they block a signal in my brain that tells me to vomit, which has nothing to do with my baby. What is definitely NOT good for my baby is puking up everything I drink or eat and ending up in hospital. 

Saying that, I can already feel that mother-needing-to-defend-my-choices gripe creeping up on me, and to be honest I don’t want to be like that. I hate those kind of people on Facebook! Please God let me not be one of those “I am a brilliant mum my child is the world and my little Jimmy couldn’t put a toe out of line, you can’t tell me what to do” people!. I vow to be open, accept my child is sinful from day 1 because we all are, and not be blinded my complete selfishness myself. If there is anything that infertility problems have taught me it’s that children are not the be all and end all in life, that you think it will make you complete and it won’t, and it will be a rewarding but hard road that I will need God’s help in every step of the way. 

Right now its a Thursday afternoon at work. My mum got the train to London today as Tom is away this week. We are going out for dinner tonight (I am meeting her after I finish work) and then I have the day off tomorrow to spend with her. So excited!